Ethical case study

It is legal for doctors to withdraw medical support, however, feeding a patient is regarded as part of palliative care and not a medical treatment. Pewter’s parents have taken the case to court in order to prevent his doctors from withdrawing his feeding tubes. What decision would you advise the Judges to make in this case? The debate over whether […]

Ethical Issues

What ethical issues have you witnessed or heard about on this company? State your opinions on what should have been done to deal with these ethical issues. A) Conflict on human rights Monika has been involved in conflict-minerals which engaging in human rights abuses. For example, the conflict-minerals took place in Democratic Republic of Congo, Central of Africa in July […]

Generally held

It is generally held that to avoid harming others is a more compelling responsibility than benefiting them (B├ęchamel & Childless, 1989). Regarding HIVE-related counseling, “others” might include both clients and those in relationships or association with clients. What is the mental health professionals responsibility of malefaction regarding a third party when, for example, a client refuses to disclose a positive […]

Business Gone Green Ethical Reasoning Assignment

This action is deemed ethically inappropriate, as it seems to support gender inequality, which goes against Kea Group and Swede’s values. (Quinn, 2012) Some may argue that Kea was submitting to pressure from the conservative Islamic state while others say that Kea was Just respecting and being understanding towards Saudi Rabbi’s cultural standards. This media coverage aptly reflects the pervasive […]

Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues Simulation

Through the simulation, there were many factors that could work against the decision for Academe to grant subleasing agreements but with good understanding of the law it was a good deal for the company. Laws and customs in different countries can be conflicting, especially when businesses are managed by the government. Resolving legal disputes in international transactions Selecting local counsel […]

A Business Ethical Duty

Western Governors University A community business has a social responsibility to its local community, its employees have an ethical duty their employer, and management has business responsibility to act in the best interest of stakeholders. Company Q is a small local grocery store chain located in a major metropolitan area. The company is struggling internally with ethical integrity and social […]

Adidas and its Ethical and CSR

Ethics and corporate Social responsibility:- Ethics is defined as what is right and what is wrong. Every business should behave ethically. The moral principles that guide the way a business behaves are business Ethics. Ethics are moral guidelines to people or to an organization which govern good behavior. So behaving ethically is doing what is morally right. Doing an ethical […]

Morally and Ethically

On the other hand, from the morality perspective, people’s privacy is an important manner that led this leakage. This also leads to another moral aspect which is Utilitarianism, and Snowmen applied that thinking about bringing the usefulness of the information to aware people about their freedom, thus, making them happy. In addition, Snowman’s decision of leaking was morally accepted because […]